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Jan 2017
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Today at the TCA (Television Critics Association) it was by the CW that they are renewing seven of their shows, including Supernatural which has been renewed for a 13th season! Supernatural is currently airing its 12th season and will return from its winter hiatus on January 26th for episode 9, “First Blood, at a new time of 8/7c.

Dec 2016
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Jensen, Jared and Misha shared an update on their SPN Family Love Campaign yesterday on set, sharing information where some of the proceeds from the fundraising has gone to; watch the video below of their livestream (posted on Jared’s facebook page and shared by Jensen). If you would like to purchase an item from this campaign please check out the link to the Creation shop page in our sidebar.

Dec 2016
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And babies make five! Congratulations to Jensen and Danneel who welcomed the birth of their twins early Friday morning (2 December). Jensen took to his Instagram account (and subsequently his Twitter and Facebook) to share the exciting news; Danneel, JJ and I are excited to announce the birth of our twins Zeppelin Bram and Arrow Rhodes. They were born early yesterday morning.Everyone is doing great! #twinning A photo posted by

Nov 2016
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The site is back online with a brand new look and name! We are now Simply Jensen – be sure to bookmark us under our new name (although for the next 10 months or so the old domain will also work) and follow us on our social media if you aren’t already; @simply_jensen on Twitter, @simplyjenseninsta on Instagram and also follow out tumblr blog, Simply Jensen Daily.

Nov 2016
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Congratulations to Jensen who has been nominated for a People’s Choice Award 2017 in the Favorite Sci-Fi/ Fantasy TV Actor category! Supernatural has also received a nomination for Favorite Sci-Fi/ Fantasy TV Show. You can vote as many times as you want by visiting the People’s Choice Award site. Voting ends December 15, 11:59 ET.

Oct 2016
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Today Jensen attended Entertainment Weekly’s first ever PopFest, alongside co-star Jared Padalecki. I have added HQ pictures from the event to the gallery and the panel was streamed live on Entertainment Weekly’s facebook page which you can view below. GALLERY LINKS Home > Public Appearances > 2016 > 29 October | EW PopFest Day 1

Oct 2016
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This past weekend Jensen, along with wife Danneel, hosted the first ever ThinkPop event in Austin on Saturday night. We shared the news of the Ackles’ hosting earlier last month when they attended the Thinkery Imaginarium Gala, which you can read and see the pictures from by visiting this post. Thinkery tweeted out a group photo to thank Jensen and Danneel for hosting the event;   Congrats, @PopAustinArt—what an amazing

Sep 2016
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You can now find HQ scans and images added to the gallery from Jensen’s Rogue Mag photoshoot. GALLERY LINK Home > Photo Sessions > 2016 Rogue Magazine GALLERY LINK Home > Editorials > 2016 Rogue Magazine Scans You can purchase a physical copy or a digital download by visiting Rogue Mag’s shop.

Sep 2016
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A sneak peak for Jensen (and Supernatural co-stars Jared and Misha) Rogue Magazine feature has been shared on their website; HQ images have been added to the gallery and can be viewed below. GALLERY LINK Home > Photo Sessions > 2016 Rogue Magazine The magazine features an 8-page spread of Jensen, Jared and Misha where they look gorgeous while talking about Supernatural; the following quote from Jensen was shared in

Sep 2016
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You can now find some more photos from the Imaginarium Gala Event which Jensen attended on the 16th September in the gallery. GALLERY LINK Home > Public Appearances > 2016 > 16 September | Imaginarium Gala Event