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Apr 2017
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Exciting news! It was announced that Jensen will be a judge at Film Fu Fight Fest on Sunday April 30th! Tickets to added the event can be purchased online or alternatively bought at the door on the night ($15 or $20 if purchased at the door). Film Fu is heading for the big screen! As part of Film Fu’s continuing philanthropic initiative, created by award-winning feature film director, fight choreographer

Dec 2016
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Jensen, Jared and Misha shared an update on their SPN Family Love Campaign yesterday on set, sharing information where some of the proceeds from the fundraising has gone to; watch the video below of their livestream (posted on Jared’s facebook page and shared by Jensen). If you would like to purchase an item from this campaign please check out the link to the Creation shop page in our sidebar.

Jan 2016
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Today Rob Benedict finally shared with fans the long-awaited Tough Mudder video footage, which was recorded last summer in Austin, Texas when Jensen and fellow Supernatural co-stars took part in the Tough Mudder 2015 event. Tough Mudder from The Sidekick on Vimeo.

Oct 2015
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I have added 14 episode stills for next weeks episode of Supernatural, titled “Think Lizzy” Sam and Dean head out on a case to investigate a series of murders at a local B&B. It turns out that the B&B also happens to be Lizzie Borden’s old home. You might think that Borden’s ghost is behind these killers, but a local man, Len (guest star Jared Gertner), actually tells the Winchesters

Aug 2015
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Jensen let out his inner rock-star once again on Saturday night, 29 August 2015, at Loudin Swain’s Saturday night concert for Creation’s Vancouver Convention. Jensen joined Loudin Swain and other Supernatural cast members on stage to sing a cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Simple Man’ – check out the video below!

Aug 2015
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Earlier today, Arrow actor Paul Blackthorne, posted on his social media that Jensen is helping him out with his Represent campaign to save the elephants, “Poach Eggs, Not Elephants”. Paul shared a picture and video of Jensen signing a shirt that will be won by someone who purchases one of Paul’s shirts. http://represent.com/paulblackthorne And today's Poach Eggs Not Elephant vid features the one & only Jensen Ackles…. Posted by Paul

Jul 2015
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I have now added 265 images for Jensen’s appearances in 2012 to the gallery, be sure to check them out!         Home – Public Appearances – 2012   And a wonderful who attended #DCCon this past weekend has uploaded both of Jensen’s panels in full! The Gold Members J2 Breakfast Panel and also the main J2 panel from the afternoon. And last but definately not least, thank you so

Jul 2015
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I have added 8HQ pictures of Jensen at the autograph session from San Diego Comic Con, as well as 8 additional HQ images from the Press Line to the gallery.   Home – Public Appearances – 2015 – July 12 | San Diego Comic Con – Autograph Signing Home – Public Appearances – 2015 – July 12 | San Diego Comic Con – Press Line Full HD videos for the

Jul 2015
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I have now added HQ pictures from the Press Line and candid pictures from Jensen at San Diego Comic Con.     Home – Public Appearances – 2015 – July 12 | San Diego Comic Con Candid Home – Public Appearances – 2015 – July 12 | San Diego Comic Con – Press Line A roundtable from the press-room has also been released and can be viewed below.